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Project Description

hongyun Golf Course, is a 18 hole golf project 20 km away from Yuxi city, in the southwest chines province of Yunnan.

A large local real estate company developed a large mixed use resort (real estate, hotels and an 18 hole golf course).

In 2013 the owners company, after a selection process, hired IMG team to prepare a routing plan, planning designs and construction documents for the 18 hole golf course.

The site is a mountain area, with dramatic elevation changes, and the earthworks carried out by the design company left a barren landscape around and in the golf course that worried the developing company.

We were selected to arrange a full landscape project for both the golf course and the surroundings. The works were done in coordination with IMG team and finished in 2014.

Extensive planting of high trees, bushes, wild grass and flowers was carried out in order to give the golf course a real golf course look.
Unfortunately the course closed in 2016.

Project Details

  • Year: 2014
  • Project type: New 18+ hole golf course
  • Location: Yuxi, Yunnan
  • Country: China
  • Project Architect: Alfonso Vidaor
  • Latitude: 24.180878
  • Longitude: 102.321631

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