About Us

Green Project

Was born in 1998 as a continuation of the professional activity in urban planning, civil engineering, environmental studies, architecture, landscaping and golf course design developed by Alfonso Vidaor and Magí Sardà since 1987.

Green Project considers it essential to guarantee the technical, economic and environmental viability of the projects, considering it essential to carry out feasibility studies prior to carrying them out. The close relationship we maintain with our clients allows us to obtain a detailed image of their objectives and needs. In accordance with them, Green Project analyzes the specific characteristics of the field of action, and develops a specific Plan in accordance with the needs of the client and with the environmental and urban conditions. One of the main priorities is respect for the environment when carrying out projects. For this reason, Green Project identifies and analyzes any contingencies that may arise in this regard before the execution of the services, thus optimizing their conception. Green Project prepares the necessary documentation for each type of service and for each phase thereof, to guarantee adequate compliance with the technical, economic and deadline requirements agreed with the client.

Relación de servicios 

  • Estudios urbanísticos, medioambientales e infraestructurales 
  • Gestión del planeamiento urbanístico y medioambiental 
  • Estudios de viabilidad 
  • Estudios de gestión y reutilización de recursos hídricos 
  • Proyectos básicos, concesionales y constructivos (obra civil, paisajismo y jardinería, campos de golf) 
  • Arquitectura y edificación 
  • Paisajismo y jardinería 
  • Gestión de contratación de obras 
  • Dirección, control y vigilancia y coordinación de seguridad y salud en obra 
  • Puesta en marcha de las instalaciones 
  • Gestión de explotación 
  • Project Management (Dirección integral de Proyectos)