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Project Description

Vallromanes Golf course is located 30 km north of Barcelona, in a beautiful valley where Vallromanes town is located. A deep pine tree and oaks wood covers the area, where a deep creek crosses the site.

In 1975 the founders of this member course selected FH Hawtree for designing an 18 hole golf course. In 1994 the board decided to change the first 9 holes greens design, asking for a more challenging proposal, as the original design lacked shapes and bunkers were too shallow and apart from the greens edges.

We designed a completely different concept for the greens and greens surroundings, from the approach area of each hole. Greens were slightly elevated, enlarged and shaped in a way that hole locations give challenging and very different options for each green. A complete bunker redesign was done, re-locating, reshaping and deepening them.

The course re-design was opened to play in 1996 and have hosted a large number of professional and amateur championships (including the PGA European Tour Spanish Open).

Project Details

  • Year: 1996
  • Project type:Major work: Other redevelopment work of a minimum 9 holes
  • Location:Vallromanas, Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Project Architect: Alfonso Vidaor
  • Latitude:41.532042760323066
  • Longitude:2.285665684658347

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