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Project Description

Golf Augas Santas is a commercial course located 37 km from Ourense and 120 km west of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Northwest Spain), the world known city where the «Camino de Santiago» ends.

In 2005 a Barcelona-based Spanish development group started a tourist project, with Spa-Hotel (using the natural hot spring waters at the property) and an 18 hole commercial golf course, selecting our team for designing the golf course.

Land property in Galicia becomes a nightmare for developers. More than 75 small properties had to be acquired in order to obtain the necessary grounds for golf, having a relevant number of back and forth movements by land owners. Finally a part of the land required to lay a nice golf course were not available, so a contingency routing plan had to be set few days before works started.

The site was a formerly rather flat complex of grass fields for cattle, limited by low stone walls, pine trees, oaks, willows and poplars. The resulting par 70, 5.344 meters course is an enjoyable walk through a typical Galicia landscape, with creeks and a nice river, makes this course a beautiful golfing experience.

Being a commercial course managed together with a Spa hotel we decided to create an enjoyable design, not a difficult one, with only 39 bunkers, medium-small greens with soft shapes and nice fairways.

The course has become an almost permanent venue for the Ladies European Tour (Access Series) for the last years.

Project Details

  • Year: 2006
  • Project type: New 18+ hole golf course
  • Location:Ferreira De Panton, Lugo
  • Country: Spain
  • Project Architect: Alfonso Vidaor
  • Latitude:42.51359649470306
  • Longitude: -7.6047042460249585

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