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Project Description

Golf Escorpion was established in 1975 in Betera town, about 25 km Northwest of Valencia city.

The course was founded by a group of members based in Valencia. The first 18 hole design was carried out by Ron Kirby. After the golf club became very successful the board of the golf club required an expansion to 27 holes.

Our team was awarded the design of additional 9 holes in 1.999. We designed an impressive new 9 holes, between pine tree woods and former orange orchards, introducing large greens and large natural water features, with a good playing distance adapted to the expectations of the board, being the 9 hole course a 36 par with 3.329 meters playing distance.

These 9 holes can be connected to the existing 18 hole design creating three consistent 18 hole courses by combining loops of 9 holes.

We were also required to remodel a number of holes of The Lakes 9 holes, and designed a 9 hole golf Academy close by the club house.

The course opened in 2001 being a great success and having hosted a large number of national and international tournaments ever since.


Project Details

  • Year: 2001
  • Project type:Additional 9 holes, existing course
  • Location: Betera, Valencia
  • Country: Spain
  • Project Architect: Alfonso Vidaor
  • Latitude:39.57816694239004
  • Longitude:-0.47290190000000004

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